'Car Concierge'

The last word in service, from people who really care about your vehicle.
We have the expertise to look after your pride and joy

There are a plethora of companies who promise to store your car for you. At Classic Motor Hub Storage, we like to think we're a bit different.

You see, not only are we passionate about cars (our sister companies are run by some of the most experienced and respected classic car experts in the business), but we also understand what it means to receive great service, and how important your time is.

That's why we are proud to call our service 'Car Concierge'. We have always offered, and aim to offer, a 'turnkey service' for your prized vehicle, so that whenever you need your vehicle, it's ready, waiting, and in the condition you expect.

What do we mean by Car Concierge?

Here's a few good examples of the sort of service we offer, and the diversity of what we do:

  • Need your car taxed, MOTd, service and valeted, then delivered to a location in Europe, ready for the weekend? Leave it to us, and we'll make sure that it's ready and waiting for you.
  • Bought a car at auction, but need FIVA papers, and the car rally prepared? We'll sort out the paperwork with the auction house, apply for the papers, and contact one of our on-call experts to get it done for you.
  • Racing at Spa, but unsure of how to get the car there? We can sort out the transport, and make sure the car is waiting for you when you get there.
  • Need a car perfectly preserved, cleaned and valeted on a regular basis, plus prepared for long-term storage while you're abroad? Our care 'menu', plus careful storage, ensure it will be in perfect condition when you next need it.
  • Planning a weekend away, but need the car delivered to a hotel, with a bunch of flowers on the passenger seat? Give us enough warning, and the only questions you'll need to answer are 'Location of hotel' and 'colour of the flowers'!

With our extensive network of contacts, our real passion for rare and collectors vehicles, and our experience in the industry, we really can offer you the bespoke service. You'll find a 'menu' of services on our 'storage options' page, but that is only the start. We'll put a package together to suit YOU, and then continue to offer a service to meet your needs.